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Hello all!

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Well, I was going to tell everyone that there’s just 1 day left until the release of Yesterday’s Eyes, but if I’m to be specific (and I am) it’s really only 13 hours left until release! 

To order your copy now visit: amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, or blackexpressions.com. 

You can also purchase Yesterday’s Eyes as an audio book, and if you would like to read it on Kindle,  be sure to let the publisher know when you visit amazon.com.

As always, to God be all the Glory…

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There’s just one month and a few weeks left to go before the release of my novel Yesterday’s Eyes.

Again, it is my prayer that all who read it will be blessed.

Perhaps your blessing will come in the form of a renewed faith in Jesus Christ.

Perhaps you will relate to one (or more) of the characters, and through their story, learn how to overcome your own personal issues.  

Whatever form your blessing comes in, don’t throw it away. Accept it and let it set you free.  

In the name of Jesus.

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