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Unnecessary Pain

Across the bordered line of emotion, beneath the settled pain, in his heart lies an evil easily swayed towards destruction, and ready to be seduced by pain.

This evil, better known as the master’s dragon, is supposedly under lock and key; quietly serving a life sentence of memories while waiting for the moment of rejuvenation.

Yet the dragon would be nil were it not for the master who constantly fuels the fire of which it breathes.

Who constantly remembers the pain of a past that’s been allowed a space, though dark is this place, in his heart.

Then enters a light – just a flicker at first, and the dragon’s pace quickens as its master recalls the hurt.

But The Light grows brighter, and It does not burn. And to feel It warms his soul – for this light is Jesus Christ.

And He has not come empty-handed.

Nay, He is heavily equipped with love.

So, with one painless thrust, He pierces into his heart. And the dragon standing guard cries out.

But the master does not hear, and his heart is elated for alas, unto him comes the Dragon Slayer.

© 2013 Catherine Flowers


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